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Abu Dhabi investment company ADQ has been expanding its interests in local food production and supply stability. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: Abu Dhabi's ADQ has launched 'Silal', a new company set up to diversify food sources and increase locally grown and raised food. This entitywill complement the Abu Dhabi government’s efforts to secure food supply chains as well as to boost the supply and distribution of food in the emirate.

Silal’s efforts will include the management of offtake programmes and strategic food reserves. It will also implement knowledge-transfer programmes related to desert farming and other R&D projects to support an increase in local production of fruits and vegetables from small farmers in the UAE.

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Earlier this year, ADQ announced its acquisition of a 50 per cent stake in Al Dahra Holding Company, an agribusiness specialising in animal feed and essential food commodities. Agthia and Al Foah, which produce a range of food and beverages, are also part of ADQ’s food and agriculture portfolio through Senaat.

According to Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri, CEO, “Silal will facilitate sustained production, sourcing and distribution of essential foods in Abu Dhabi for the benefit of retailers, farmers and the community. The name Silal, which means “baskets” in Arabic, denotes the variety and abundance of produce that is at the core of what the new company will deliver."

Our team will work collaboratively across the entire value chain to ensure an adequate, reliable supply of fresh and longer-life food items for our local communities.”