Pakistan approves cloud first policy
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Dubai: A unique neighborhood cloud network is set to come up in Dubai after real estate developer Paradise Hills and peer-to-peer internet company ThreeFold announced plans to add dedicated servers (3Nodes) to approximately 170 homes in the Paradise Hill project.

The partnership will provide every homeowner of the gated residence a pre-installed 3Node, a dedicated server that provides the edge computing and internet storage needed to run decentralised applications and internet services. The initiative will provide residents, businesses, developers and the government with a secure cloud infrastructure to store and process their data locally.

“Paradise Hills is set to become the region’s centre for true decentralisation and the future of tomorrow’s Internet, essentially setting the standard for real estate developments and homeownership globally,” CEO Shaher Mousli of Paradise Hills Development said.

“This historic collaboration is the first pilot in a series of initiatives by ThreeFold to help expand the digital landscape of the UAE,” said Adnan Fatayerji, co-founder of ThreeFold. “It will support the development of edge computing, smart cities and IoT, showcasing the power of the private sector to build and drive digital empowerment initiatives in support of the Digital Dubai vision set by the Emirates leadership.”

Over the last decade, “data sovereignty” became a key topic globally, with many countries insisting that any data produced locally should be stored on Internet infrastructures within their borders. By bringing ThreeFold’s decentralised Internet infrastructure to real estate properties such as Paradise Hills, the UAE will be home to the first-of-its-kind, self-sovereign, smart city development in the world.