For wasl properties, hitting a rental high during October proved a cakewalk. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Don’t think all of the action in Dubai’s property market is happening only with the buying and selling of homes – quite a sizeable demand exists for new property rentals.

The Dubai Government owned wasl properties can vouch for that, having leased out 1,774 units in just one month as part of its ‘Hello October’ promotion. This was out of 2,000 units that were released into the market.

wasl launched a soft communication for the campaign in September and then going all out in October to coincide with the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai. This shows “conclusive evidence of wasl’s success in attracting new customers and providing housing options,” the developer said.

The company’s occupancy rate at its residential portfolio reached 86 per cent. wasl has one of the most spread out residential portfolios in the city, which includes newly delivered projects at Al Ghusais.

The whole leasing process was done through its website and the leasing app, which allows potential customers to reserve units by submitting their details as well as settle and receive their lease contracts, all within a few minutes.