Dubai: It would take a lot to convince investors to get into Greece right now. Every round of negotiation seems to more a case of trying to push the crisis back from the abyss than arrive at a workable solution.

With nothing out there suggestion it could all get better, should investors sit on the fence? “Greece currently offers a real investment opportunity for cash-rich Gulf nationals,” said Iseeb Rehman, who heads Sherwoods Property. “A number of key industries are open to foreign investment: manufacturing, hospitality services, real estate and state-owned businesses running key infrastructure concerns.

“Any of these industries, entered at the right price, could provide an excellent opportunity for an investor seeking to diversify their portfolio, particularly with an eye on longer-term returns. Additionally, some of these investment opportunities may also provide a residency visa to those entering the market at a certain level.

“That’s not to say Gulf-based investors should only be looking at Greece for new investment opportunities. While the European Central Bank’s introduction of the quantitative easing programme has calmed Eurozone markets — and raised share prices across the more solid Eurozone members — some well-priced opportunities across the whole region remain.”