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Well-being, sustainability, and digitalism all have taken greater significance because of recent global events. People have formed new habits, taken on new perspectives, and shifted priorities. This has affected many industries including home design.

Manufacturers of materials and designers now need to take into consideration the importance of well-being, the environment and the new approach to life and working that needs to reflect in home designs. This requires ceramic walls and tiles, both of which adorn living spaces, to have characteristics and features that support the new realities.

With this, here are 4 ceramic tile design trends that will be at the forefront this 2023.

1. Natural Expression

Due to recent material shortages experienced by many industries, tile designers and makers had to look for new resources. With sustainability in mind, this trend focuses on natural materials that can easily be broken down and recycled.

Visually, these tiles have a raw finish and uneven surfaces that emulate nature’s imperfections and beauty. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the materials strongly express nature. And for designers, stories can be told through these deliberate imperfections.

Regarding design patterns, expect this trend to present its materials in their raw, natural state. The worn appearance of wood and porous and cracked clay are a couple of examples. Again, these decorative features add to the story behind the design.

Because this trend is rooted in nature, the colours are in the shades of earth, lichen, and moss. But unlike the usual palettes, innovations have been made to include natural inks derived from seaweed and other plant-based ingredients.

Overall, this approach makes interiors an extension of the outside world. It’s sustainable and puts you closer to nature which positively affects your well-being.

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2. Spaces for Well-Being

Well-being has been put in the spotlight in the last couple of years. Aside from wellness activities, living space design also impacts health, particularly with people spending more time there than ever. As such, this trend’s main theme is to invoke feelings of comfort and security which boosts well-being.

To achieve this, the tile designs aim to provide relaxing and soothing interiors through a balance of shape, colour and finish. Materials like limestone, soft-coloured wood, and cork will be more commonly used in line with a minimalist design philosophy. The materials also take on a healthier approach with some having antibacterial properties and breathability which provides better air quality.

Patterns here are organic, warm, and aligned with the minimalist design. Nordic and Japanese influence will continue to be strong. You’ll find round and geometric shapes that feel like a welcome embrace or fluid lines and finishes that take inspiration from nature.

This trend will follow a neutral colour spectrum to support a balanced well-being, combined with pastels and a dash of warmth from greens and blues.

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3. Balanced Exuberance

For those looking for something more exciting spaces, exuberance is also a key design trend in 2023. Tile design is centred around dynamic patterns and exuberant details with a minimalist touch as a counterbalance.

Living spaces become fun and alive with rich colours, shapes, and textures patterned after video game aesthetics. This is a new design form rising from the increased digitalisation of the past couple of years.

As a result, tile designs feature digitally created materials with different realities. Metallic materials change surfaces and colours due to surface haptics. Meanwhile, steel, treated glass, or ceramic glazes with an iridescent effect can have a captivating digital effect.

Patterns will be utilized for maximum effect, using classic designs but with a modern twist. Combined with bold colours, it’ll give interiors a vibrant feel or shift your attention to a specific area in the room.

4. Futuristic Luxury

While luxury has never gone out of style, it’s taking on a new branch thanks to the digital revolution. And this trend is a response to the growing demand for one-of-a-kind living spaces, with designs having a digital look with futuristic qualities inspired by NFTs and other smart products.

With this approach, elegant and futurist spaces will offer new sensations through the use of light and distortion. Expect materials such as metal, glass, and resin to be modified to achieve attractive digital effects.

There’ll be much experimentation when it comes to patterns as designers look for luxurious but surreal designs like liquid effects. But don’t be surprised to find the use of marble as well to create big and vibrant backdrops.

To maintain that luxurious aesthetic, green ceramic tiles will adorn kitchens and bathrooms while blues will provide the restful balance to the metallic and liquid finishes. Overall, this approach will work for anyone looking for something new or a digital-centric but elegant design.

Ultimately, 2023 will see some incredible and engaging ceramic tile trends to jump on that will elevate homes, and bring the latest consumer priorities to the forefront.