Sankha Biswas, CEO, Nutridor Image Credit: Supplied


Sankha Biswas, CEO, Nutridor elaborates on the seven pillars of business excellence that the brand adheres to in its constant endeavour to progress while identifying evolutionary consumer needs

As the CEO of one of the most recognised brands in the FMCG space how would you define business excellence?

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, business excellence models play crucial roles in organisational successes. At Nutridor, we implement and monitor our progress towards business excellence within 7 key pillars.

1. Leadership: How our senior leaders lead the organisation and how we govern our organisation and fulfill our societal responsibilities.

2. Strategy and planning: How we develop, and most importantly implement our strategy.

3. Customers: How we obtain information from our customers and engage them by serving their needs and building relationships.

4. Measurement, analysis and knowledge management: How we measure, analyse and then improve organisational performance and knowledge assets.

5. Workforce: How effective and supportive workforce environments are built, and how we engage our workforce to achieve a high performance work environment by creating organisation assets.

6. Operations: How we design, manage and improve our key products and work processes, while ensuring effective management of our operations.

7. Results: Evaluating the results for each of the categories above, in other words, how we know what we say is what we are doing and whether it is working.

How important is R&D in dictating the fortunes of a firm, how critical is it in supporting Nutridor’s ambitions for growth in the region?

Innovation is the cornerstone of sustained economic growth and prosperity for Nutridor. Innovation through structured R&D has helped us to see what exists now in opportunities or which ones will likely pop up in the near future. We don’t only respond to the current needs of our customers, but usually predict the future trends and come up with an idea, service or product that can meet the future demand quickly and effectively. In this way we stay ahead of our competition as trends, technology or markets shift. Under our flagship dairy brand, Abevia, we continue innovating with tangible investments in our R&D activities.

What are the takeaways for the brand during the pandemic and how are you readying Nutridor for a post-Covid world?

Changes in consumer behaviour and business models will persist in advanced economies after the pandemic recedes, although perhaps not with the same intensity as during the crisis. We anticipate this could lead to an uneven economic recovery, with rising inequality among workers, contrasting outcomes for consumers depending on their age and income levels. The actions we collectively take today — from investing in human capital to enabling a surge of entrepreneurship to diffusing technology could create a virtuous cycle of job growth, rising consumption, and growth in productivity is what we believe.

Team building is essential in building the fortunes of a brand. How do you take your internal stakeholders with you when dictating and defining management policy?

Our employees are the assets of our organisation and our success is directly proportional to the hard work every employee puts in. Individuals must work in a little different and smarter way than the others and always feel motivated to give their best. Efforts by a single team member go unnoticed and every team member should contribute equally. Nutridor firmly believes team work and team building are essential for us to make our organisation a better place to work. We continuously invest in training and development activities to enable growth of our most valued internal stakeholders for the definitive purpose we all share.

How do you see Nutridor growing as a brand in the long term here in the region?

We are well prepared to seize tomorrow’s opportunities and can build on the right portfolio of products and brands to serve our consumers meaningfully in a balanced array of geographies.

Preparing for tomorrow is the business of today, for every person at every age, for our own home. With your constant support, our commitment to social and economic progress, and passion for bringing health through food to as many people as possible, we will continue to generate profitable and sustainable growth now and for many years to come.