Dr Khaled Raed from PETKUS MENA and Yasin Ranani from Al Amir Food signing the contract Image Credit: Supplied

Grains and pulses are a staple in the diet worldwide, including the MENA region. Due to the extreme weather conditions as well as the dire shortage of resources such as water and arable land, most countries in the MENA region are not agriculturally self-sufficient. Therefore, the MENA region substantially depends on imports for the majority of its food, including grain, making it the largest grain importer in the world. This import dependency puts these countries in a vulnerable position in which they are at risk of being affected by price volatility and market uncertainties. One of the best approaches to overcome this hurdle is to maintain sufficient grain reserves within the region. However, grain storage has its own complications such as grain loss due to fungal and insect infestation. Contamination with Aflatoxins is one such problem that can severely reduce the quality of grains and make them unsafe for human and animal consumption.

At PETKUS MENA, we have developed a new 3-step strategy that incorporates effective drying, grain cleaning with smart logistic concepts, and proper storage techniques, to preserve grain quality, ensuring food security. This also helps increase local production via proper right seed technology.

Right storage conditions are critical for maintaining healthy grain reserves. If stored under the right conditions, grains can be preserved for extended periods without any loss of quality or nutrients. Loss of grain quality can occur due to biological changes such as germination, microbial contamination and mycotoxin production, insect infestations, and rodent attack. The first step of proper grain storage is evaluating the quality of the received grain. This is important for determining the processes that need to be carried out before storing the particular batch of grain. Susceptibility of grain to fungal contaminations mainly depends on the physical characteristics of the grain such as grain integrity, moisture content, and purity of grains. PETKUS’ newly developed sorting technology, including Airmax, and special optical tech are able to enhance the quality of grain, coffee, pulses, seed and sesame by over 99 per cent purity.

Al Amir Foods FZCO, a preeminent entity in the UAE pulses sector, proudly announces its adoption of innovative German technology from PETKUS, underscoring its unwavering commitment to exemplary food safety and hygiene standards. This enhancement ensures the provision of elite and secure food products to customers, solidifying Al Amir Foods‘ status as an industry trailblazer in quality and innovation.

Yasin Ranani, the innovative leader of Al Amir Foods, has spearheaded a significant investment to deploy advanced 110,000 M.T. silos, equipped with the latest in pre-cleaning, fine cleaning, and sorting technology, assuring unmatched food safety, hygiene, and quality in every product.

“This strategic investment embodies our commitment to employing top-tier technology and inventive solutions, fortifying our pledge to deliver the purest quality pulses,” says Ranani. “Al Amir Foods persists in its promise to supply consumers with superior and safe food products that meet the strictest food safety and hygiene standards.”

Image Credit: Supplied

Moreover, this considerable investment represents a long-term initiative to fortify food security for the region for decades, emphasising Al Amir Food’s overarching vision to be a pillar in the development of sustainable and dependable food supply chains.

Expressing his contentment and honour, Dr Khaled Raed, CEO of PETKUS MENA, says, “We are ecstatic to be the chosen technology partner for Al Amir Foods. We envisage this venture as a paradigm of tech innovation and display in Jebel Ali, showcasing our advanced technology throughout the GCC and MENA regions.”

Al Amir Foods, through the integration of this advanced German technology, is poised to reshape industry standards and enhance food safety and quality. This strategic alliance with PETKUS MENA and the infusion of high-end technology underscore Al Amir Food’s forward-thinking approach and promise a heightened consumer experience with every product.