Dubai: Thousands of jobs have just opened up for Filipinos looking to work in various destinations abroad.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong alone are in need of more than 10,000 candidates to fill  various positions, according to the latest job postings by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Saudi Arabia has over 7,000 approved job orders for the month of April and the positions available are for sales personnel, engineers, nurses, cleaners, carpenters, drivers, electricians and plumbers, among many others.

The UAE has over 1,400 vacancies this month for mechanical engineers, nurses, foremen, waiters/waitresses, cleaners, sales staff, secretaries and accountants.

In Hong Kong, recruiters are looking to hire at least 2,400 domestic helpers, while Canada has a few opportunities for caregivers and food service supervisors.

Jobs also await Filipinos who are interested in working in the United Kingdom, which requires nearly 200 nurses.

The list of vacancies was culled from licensed recruitment agencies’ job orders that were coursed through the Philippines’ labour agency.

The Philippines has recently ordered a ban on the deployment of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to Kuwait, following reports of violence against household workers.

Applicants, meanwhile, are advised to avoid using fake documents when applying for a job abroad.

POEA administrator Bernard Olalia said last month that workers found to have committed misrepresentation by submitting fake employment documents will face disciplinary action, including suspension or permanent disqualification from the overseas employment program.

The advisory was issued in the wake of reports that some Filipino nurses in Saudi Arabia were discovered to have submitted false information particularly on their certificates of employment.