Priyanka Singh, Recruitment Head
Priyanka Singh, Recruitment Head Image Credit: Supplied

MBR Recruitment has not only redefined the recruitment sector but also embarked on a transformative journey in sync with the UAE’s growth story. Priyanka Singh, Recruitment Head at MBR, talks about the company’s ethos, achievements, and its promising path forward.

About the company

MBR Recruitment stands as a pioneering force in the UAE’s recruitment realm. Our foundation was rooted in bridging the gap between opportunity and talent. Guided by this vision, we’ve embraced the fusion of art and science, revolutionising the way candidates and organisations perceive talent acquisition.

Diverse verticals

At MBR, our journey spans a myriad of industries and verticals. From IT to healthcare, hospitality to finance, our adept team navigates diverse sectors with finesse.

A journey of expansion

Our path of expansion is an investment in human capital, guided by the principles of artistic excellence. Fuelled by an unrelenting focus on innovation, we are poised to broaden our presence across the UAE. Yet, this endeavour goes beyond geographical reach — it’s an immersion into various industries, a commitment to nurture their growth trajectories, and an artful orchestration of success through our unique approach.

Championing success stories

Behind every organisational achievement lies a team of exceptional individuals. At MBR Recruitment, we are proud to play the role of catalysts for these success stories. Over time, we’ve been instrumental in connecting visionary entrepreneurs with their core teams and placing seasoned professionals in transformative roles.

Celebrating excellence

Our commitment to excellence has garnered recognition. Recently, our founder, Piyush Ganatra, was honoured with the esteemed “Business Personality of the Year” award. This accolade underscores our impact on the recruitment landscape and serves as a reminder of our responsibility to continually innovate and elevate the recruitment experience for all stakeholders.

As we reflect on our journey, we eagerly anticipate the chapters that are yet to unfold. MBR Recruitment is more than a company — it’s a movement that redefines recruitment, weaving together individual aspirations and organisational needs. On India’s Independence Day, we salute our exceptional team, visionary clients, and the boundless potential that the future holds.