Etihad Rail
Etihad Rail gets full on into digital solutions, striking a partnership with Transportr. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: UAE’s Ethad Rail has roped in Transportr to handle all of its digital operations, including booking, tracking and connectivity of goods. The latter will thus provide a “complete digital” rail freight solution for Etihad Rail’s requirements.

“Through integrating state-of-the-art technology into our network, we are creating a rail service that is new and cost-effective, bringing significant benefits to the wider local and regional logistics sector,” said Ahmed Al Hashemi, Executive Director - Commercial at Etihad Rail. “Through implementing international best practice in designing new digital solutions, we are reducing transport and storage costs, improving supply chain resilience, and providing future customers with seamless freight transport.”

Etihad Rail integrates new options with existing logistical systems. At full steam, it will provide the potential to connect the Emirates - from Al Ghuweifait on the borders with Saudi Arabia through to eastern ports on the Indian Ocean.

"This infrastructure will connect key centres of industry with urban and rural communities, sustaining trade, boosting national development, and delivering faster, safer, and more reliable services for businesses," said Alaa Hawari, General Manager of Transportr.