Dubai Chambers had recently come up with a 2022-24 strategy document that expands on its operational roles. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Chambers has gone for a new corporate identity to mirror the recent restructuring of the organization.

The structure created three chambers of commerce under Dubai Chambers - Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai International Chamber and Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy – each of which have their own individual brands, strategies and specialised approach.

This came after Dubai Chambers adopted its 2022-24 strategy earlier in the year, which expands its role as an ‘important organisation supporting the growth of Dubai’s economy’.

“The new identity strengthens the Dubai Chambers and enables the organisation to implement a more effective approach to promoting Dubai as a global business hub, driving economic growth and expanding the emirate’s trade ties with promising markets around the world,” said Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Chairman.

Three entities, three roles

Dubai Chamber of Commerce will represent, support and protect the interests of businesses in Dubai, while ‘exploring new ways to meet the changing needs of Dubai’s fast-growing and dynamic business community’.

Dubai International Chamber supports Dubai’s vision to expand to new global markets, forge new economic partnerships and support local companies in achieving global success. The Chamber will cover 30 international markets that are considered important for Dubai through promotional projects.

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy will work on building the ‘world’s best digital infrastructure and transform Dubai into an international technology hub and support the interests of technology companies’.