During the trial period, the number of UAE Pass users reached 3,795, with 12,756 registered users accessing MoIAT services. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has announced that customer and companies must now use UAE Pass to access the ministry’s digital services online and on smartphones.

From August 15, MoIAT’s customers will need to have registered for UAE Pass to access the ministry’s services including specification, conformity, and accreditation services.

“Integrating the digital identity solution with the ministry's services online reflects MoIAT’s commitment to providing a seamless experience for customers,” said Hamid Hassan Al Shamsi, Director of the Customer Happiness Department at MoIAT. “A two-week trial phase was launched as part of ongoing efforts to involve customers in improving the ministry's services.”

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Al Shamsi noted that the ministry has had a positive response from users using UAE Pass. During the trial period there were 3,795 users. The total number of registered users accessing the ministry's services reached 12,756 users.

“Adopting the UAE Pass will enable documents to be signed and verified digitally, without the need to visit service centers,” he said. “Since the beginning of July, the ministry has issued circulars, information, and guidelines in both Arabic and English to companies and customers, detailing the registration process.”

MoIAT customers can register for UAE Pass by downloading the app for smartphones on iTunes and Google Play. The registration process requires a valid Emirates ID, verifying mobile phone number and email address information, and creating a password to gain access to all government services.

“UAE Pass reduces the number of required fields to be filled on the ministry's portal,” said Al Shamsi. “Through the digital identity solutions, customers can autocomplete forms and easily upload documents. We have provided MoIAT customers with a comprehensive guide on linking their accounts using the application to help them easily register and navigate procedures.”