Masdar City companies come under ambit of new agreement on trademark and other rights signed with Abu Dhabi's Department of Economic Development. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Abu Dhabi has tightened up consumer and trademark protection for companies operating in its free zones, with those at Masdar City now part of the framework.

This follows an agreement between Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) with Masdar, whereby both will set up rules for commercial protection and expanding its scope.

Under the agreement, ADDED will handle complaints referred to it from Masdar, in addition to receiving all consumers’ complaints against establishments operating within Masdar’s free zone.

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Clear procedures

The agreement also stipulates that in case of administrative action, ADDED shall refer the complaint and recommendations to Masdar to impose penalties. If the complainant is a free zone establishment, the relevant procedures against it shall be taken by Masdar. However, in case the complaint is related to a branch within the free zone and the head office is situated within ADDED’s jurisdiction, it is entitled to address the complaint directly with the head office.

ADDED’s interest is in “promoting the joint efforts with free zones’ authorities in Abu Dhabi to ensure the protection of foreign companies rights and concurrently enhancing consumers' trust.”