IOT PLUS cofounders
Rida Abi Farraj and Mahmoud Al Charif, founders of IOT PLUS Middle East Image Credit: Supplied

We speak to Rida Abi Farraj, General Manager of IOT PLUS Middle East:

How have your products and solutions been helping clients in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space?

Not knowing what’s happening in your facility can be costly. With IOT PLUS monitoring systems, healthcare providers can remotely monitor any temperature- and humidity-controlled storage or pressure-controlled rooms while also securely recording data and providing immediate alerts if the power goes out, or if other conditions go above or below predefined thresholds within a unit or a room.

What has Covid-19’s impact been on your clients’ businesses across sectors, and how are your products and solutions helping them deal with the unforeseen scenarios raised by the virus?

IOT PLUS understands what being away and connected means when everyone is requested to work from home. We offer 70 PLUS sensors to keep businesses connected and informed about their equipment status, including for temperature, motion, air quality, water leaks, power and vibration. It can all be tracked from a smartphone while at home. Additionally, we have introduced a Wireless Patch that records vital signs in real time, allowing patients to be remotely monitored by healthcare professionals while in their own homes.

With large swathes of the UAE’s population staying home, how are your solutions helping companies get their products to customers efficiently in the current situation?

As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupts the flow of materials and finished goods, shipping and logistics companies are faced with tough distribution decisions, such as: Where and in what condition are my goods? How much inventory should I stock? Which shipping routes should I prioritise? IOT PLUS provides data-driven insights to help overcome those challenges by offering purposefully built sensor hardware, cloud data analytics, and automation — for reliable monitoring and response — indoors, outdoors and in transit. There are no sensors to purchase or manage; you only pay for what you monitor.

Food safety and hygiene are also becoming more important to consumers. How are you helping your clients in this area?

IOT PLUS digital food safety solution keeps businesses in check with their hygiene and food safety processes so no single schedule or checklist is ever missed. Our online platform combined with our advanced handheld and temperature sensors allow food services to track their raw material from the moment it arrives at their premises all the way through storing, cooking, serving or dispatching, thus minimising all food related risks and putting you ahead in the market.

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Wireless Patch

“Not one aspect of life is untouched during these days of Covid-19. Our hearts go out to the families and communities coping with fallout and loss.

“IOT PLUS has introduced a Wireless Patch. When placed on the chest area, it will record skin temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate in real time, allowing patients to be monitored in their own homes. IOT PLUS can assist in optimising the use of medical resources and free up hospital beds. At the onset of a patient’s vital signs showing deterioration, immediate action can be taken to avoid hospital re-admission. The patch can be worn for up to seven days and can be safely disposed of, reducing the risk of cross-contamination of healthcare staff. We believe these products will make a real difference to patients’ treatment and those who are delivering the care.”

Rida Abi Farraj, General Manager of IOT PLUS Middle East


IOT PLUS Wireless Sensors have been an amazing tool, giving us peace of mind and assuring our team that we have our cold chain well controlled. The local team is fantastic and are only a call away whenever we need any assistance.

- Snezhana Vakova, Commercial Manager, Executive Gourmet


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