Abu Dhabi: To promote the use of Electrified Vehicles (EV) that cut green house gas emissions, governments have to give incentives in large scale, experts told a forum in the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

Considering the eco-friendly aspect of the EVs,  they should be considered as a "public goods"  like railways,  Anil Khurana of PRTM Management Consultants told a forum.

"What is needed to make electrified vehicles a reality, and who is going to pay the $100 bill," Khurana said.

The high cost of the battery, lack of infrastructure to recharge EV car batteries are major challenges for EV's, said experts at the forum.

In 50 per cent of the countries, railways are owned and operated by the government, and such an attitude should develop towards EVs, Khurana said.

There should be incentives for at least 4 to 6 years to promote EVs, he said.