SMAG-Containermast for web
Image Credit: Supplied

SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts GmbH is the unique manufacturer for electromechanical and hydraulic operated Mobile Antenna Masts worldwide up to a height of 40 metres without using any kind of guy wires. The Mobile Antenna Masts are being manufactured in Salzgitter, Germany since 1974. More than 2,000 masts are in successful operation worldwide for military missions like communication, observation, border control, securing points or areas of interest, reconnaissaince, jamming, observation, surveillance, as well as for disaster management. The antenna mast systems are individually manufactured and can be mounted on trailers, containers, trucks, armoured vehicles and platforms.

Fast, strong and reliable – these are the typical characteristics of SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts. Internationally significant customers appreciate the sophisticated technology and the reliable brand quality “Made in Germany”. The mast systems comply with military requirements, as well as safety standards, provide highest mobility in rough terrain, and can be operated fully or semi-automatic even at intermediate heights. They are remarkable for their short erection and retraction time, great precision at the mast point and a high level of mobility without taking much space. Thus, various requirements can be met, especially in rough terrain, ensuring an appropriate flow of information even in challenging environmental conditions.

SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts with their core competence: welding of steel and aluminum according to defense technology requirements, is the competent partner in all questions relating to mobile antenna masts and offers special services as well, for eample modernisation and refit solutions according to new technical and economical requirements.