Emirates Global Motor Electric (EGME), a member of Al Fahim group, aims to cater to this growing need by offering one-stop shop solutions for all EV needs.

Established in 2021, EGME provides dedicated electric mobility solutions in support of the UAE’s commitment towards Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Hany G Tawfik, Head of EGME, says, “EGME offers a full range of zero-emission vehicles, namely electric cars, electric vans, electric buses and electric trucks with a focus on contributing to the UN’s key Sustainable Development Goals. We have established a supply chain of EVs with multiple manufacturers of cars, vans, buses, trucks, energy storage & charging systems and these are already available here with us in the UAE.”

The company will offer electric buses by MCV, electric vans from Asiastar, electric passenger cars from Skywell and heavy / light duty electric trucks by Sany.

One of EGME’s biggest advantages is the ease of operations, especially for commercial fleets, through its EV Hub model. “At EV Hub, we provide a full range of electric vehicles, including passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses, along with charging, maintenance and other solutions. We offer an incomparable comprehensive product line up of EVs, covering extensive mobility solutions. The company can also set up our EV Hub for commercial fleet at customers’ premises,” adds Tawfik.

EGME also excels in providing vehicles that adhere to regional specifications. The company has been running pilot projects in partnership with UAE government and private fleets this year. “These pilot projects serve as proof of concepts and solutions tested and developed specifically for the region. Other countries in the region can adopt these immediately without the need for new trials. At EGME, we are proud to continue playing a leading role in the transition to zero emissions,” says Tawfik.

With this expansive offering, EGME holds the first-mover advantage in the field of electric mobility, and their vision is to go global from the UAE. “Our strategy is focused on providing economical and environmentally friendly EV solutions, aiming to emerge as a global leader in sustainability, from the UAE to the world,” concludes Tawfik.