Dubai: Dubai has attracted Dh25.5 billion in foreign direct investments in 2016, making it the seventh highest recipient city of Foreign Direct Investment, FDI, in the world, according to a report by the Dubai Government.

Total FDI into Dubai stood at Dh270.8 billion between 2011 and 2015 and in 2016.

Dawood Al Shezawi, Chief Executive Officer of AIM Organising Committee, said, “Dubai remains a shining example of what a city could achieve through economic vision and by attracting foreign investment.”

“As we inch closer to the forthcoming AIM hosted by Dubai, more and more public policymakers and international investors will take notice of Dubai’s business model and its success stories to help build other economies.

The Annual Investment Meeting, AIM, will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 9th-11th April 2018.

In terms of openness, Dubai ranks third in the world after Luxembourg and Hong Kong, with a high degree of dependence on foreign trade for income. Dubai’s openness ratio was 321 per cent in 2016, meaning that trade flows were more than three times higher than the net value added in the economy.