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The Dubai skyline. According to the study, those who retired in Tokyo enjoyed the best living standards. Image Credit: Dubai Media Office

London: Dubai has been ranked as the world’s leading city for financial security and legacy management, and the 14th best city for retirement, according to a new study.

According to a study by and Magmatic Research, Dubai has topped the index for financial security and legacy management, followed by Singapore, Wellington, Abu Dhabi, Vienna, Oslo, Lisbon, Zurich, Tokyo and Toronto.

“Switzerland has a reputation for being a key global financial hub. However, since Switzerland has made changes to its banking laws, Dubai is fast becoming the new Switzerland when it comes to legacy management. This, in conjunction with other factors such as safety, weather and global connectivity, means it is becoming an attractive alternative destination for retirees.” Swiss lawyer Urs Kraft, an expert in legacy management, said.

The study identified the best cities in the world for by analysing data on different relevant themes from sources such as the World Health Organisation, World Bank and the OECD, among many others.

According to the study, those who retired in Tokyo enjoyed the best living standards, followed by Wellington and Singapore. Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Osaka and Lausanne completed the top 10.

Several factors such as infrastructure of the city, quality of healthcare services, access to mobility options, quality and availability of housing, financial security and legacy management were taken into consideration for the list.

The study also found that retirees in Osaka receive the highest quality of healthcare in the world, followed by Tokyo and Brisbane.

In terms of housing, the best access for retirees was available in Dallas, followed by San Antonio and Jacksonville.

The best cities
Cities with the best living standards (score)

1. Tokyo (100)
2. Wellington (90)
3. Singapore (87.3)
4. Paris (86.1)
5. Vienna (86)
6. Zurich (85.6)
7. Copenhagen (85.1)
8. Amsterdam (85.1)
9. Osaka (84.8)
10. Lausanne (84.4)

Best cities for financial security and legacy management (score)

1. Dubai (100)
2. Singapore (97.8)
3. Wellington (90.6)
4. Abu Dhabi (88.3)
5. Vienna (88.1)
6. Oslo (87.8)
7. Lisbon (86.8)
8. Zurich (86.8)
9. Tokyo (86.2)
10. Toronto (85.5)

Best cities for healthcare quality (score)

1. Osaka (100)
2. Tokyo (99.4)
3. Brisbane (99.1)
4. Seoul (98.8)
5. Adelaide (97.3)
6. Zurich (97.1)
7. Lausanne (96.7)
8. Sydney (96.6)
9. Vienna (95.9)
10. Melbourne (95.5)