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ServiceMarket, UAE’s leading online home service marketplace for booking different services has launched a new service: Personal Trainer at Home.

The company has partnered with Enhance Fitness to deliver licensed and certified personal trainers to support the fitness journey of people in the Middle East, just in time for the Dubai Fitness Challenge: Dubai 30X30. When you book a personal trainer in Dubai with ServiceMarket, you can expect one-on-one training sessions based on your fitness goals.

The trainers put their knowledge of workout science to use by creating a flexible training program tailored to your body. They come equipped with all the workout gear and equipment needed to train and work out. You can book a single or pairs session with either a male or female trainer of your choice!

Free training session

Since working with the right trainer is important, the first session is completely free. This one-on-one personal training session allows you to sit with your trainer and fill out an initial consultation template on the Enhance app that details your medical history, fitness goals, and nutrition habits. Then, a Reps 3 certified personal trainer will conduct a 60-minute one-on-one personal training session based on your goals. In addition, you can train anywhere, anytime, whether in the convenience of your home or a community gym.

A range of workout sessions to choose from

Consumers can choose from a variety of workout sessions based on their fitness goals. The types of sessions for which you can book a personal trainer at home include:

General Fitness: General fitness includes customized personal training sessions with the trainer of your choice to work on five major components of physical fitness which are: cardiovascular and muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition.

Yoga: From basic yoga asanas to meditation, and breathing techniques, learn how to incorporate yoga into your daily life and embark on the journey to gain physical and mental strength.

Bodybuilding: From gaining strength, and building muscle mass to toning your body, personal trainers put you on the path to the physique you have always wanted.

Boxing: Learn how to throw a jab, improve your sparring skills or challenge yourself with an experienced trainer.

Availability of female trainers

Women with jobs and a home to look after are often not able to focus on fitness and self-care. Leaving home for the gym therefore is never a priority. ServiceMarket has catered to this neglected market by offering the service of booking a female personal trainer in Dubai at home. Women can work with a female trainer they are comfortable with and get in shape without having to leave the comfort of their homes!

Fast and no-fuss booking procedure

To book a trainer, download the ServiceMarket app or click on the “book now” option on the website. Then:

1. Choose from the types of sessions available (general fitness, yoga, bodybuilding, or boxing).

2. Select from a Singles session or a Pairs session.

3. Enter the date and time of the session.

4. Choose your desired location.

5. Make the payment.

6. Review the booking and hit confirm!

Carefully vetted personal trainers

When you choose ServiceMarket to book a personal trainer at home from their website or the app, you are only connected with reputable fitness trainers who are carefully vetted through a rigorous inspection process. ServiceMarket prioritizes customer satisfaction. They conduct customer reviews and surveys to gather feedback on the customer’s experience after each session. Therefore, thousands of people in the Middle East trust them for booking various online services. So, book a personal trainer at home in Dubai with ServiceMarket and embark on your fitness journey now.