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International STREAM Olympiads recently released the results for 2021 Top 100 Champions global competition. Out of 2500+ registered students from UAE, 325+ attended the initial exam to progress to the project-building phase. Out of the projects submitted, two students, Muhammad Ali Moula, Grade 7, Indian High School and Lakshanki Patel, Grade 11, Ryan International School have been recognised by ISO for their innovative STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts & Math) projects in the fields of science and technology. They have been awarded with the Special Mentions certificate at the country level.

Muhammad’s project relates to the theme Colonisation of Mars. It addresses United Nations' SDG goals aligned with critical problems being faced by our planet Earth such as global warming, climate change, and ever-growing population. It delves into alternatives for protecting the human species from extinction in the future. He strongly believes that Mars is the best planet to colonize as it possesses all the raw resources required to sustain life, and become the most habitable planet, after Earth.

Speaking about his project, he says, “My project theme is Colonisation of MARS, and it incorporates almost all elements of STREAM. La Mars is a smart and 100% self-sustainable Martian Colony, which is designed keeping in mind all the basic elements needed for human settlement. It is well equipped to cater to all the basics human requirements like food, water, and oxygen along with all other important requirements like healthcare, education, security, etc.

I have been following UAE’s Mars mission closely and wish and pray that I may be able to contribute to this vision in my own small ways. Mars is not easy but, we humans have the capability to make it possible with the optimum use of advanced technologies and knowledge.”

Lakshanki’s project relates to simulations on hydroponics and investigates the method of growing plants with this technique. The main objective of hydroponics is to supply the ideal nutritional environment for optimum plant performance.

Speaking about her project, she says, “Hydroponics is a unique method of growing plants. It is an innovative method in agriculture that uses water-based mineral nutrient solutions. In this project, we used nutrient-enriched water that is circulated based on the requirement of the crop. Basis the ambient glow conditions, the glow light is automated to work. The project includes a hydroponic structure with plants with added simulations that control the water flow, measure the pH level, pump water as a regular necessity and also measure the conductivity through sensors. The special addition to my project is the solar panel installed as the source of energy. These simulations are being run using Arduino Uno.”

Trusity, the edtech learning platform, supported their journey by mentoring and training them through their project-building phase last year.

“We are extremely proud and happy for our students who have been recognized by ISO. They were dedicated, motivated and strongly believed in their project objectives and outcomes. We are happy to see them succeed and thrive.” said Rajani Nalla, Founder & CEO, Trusity.