Image Credit: Rasasi

In this region perfume is serious business – so staying at the forefront of the industry requires dedication, vision, and a nose for consumer trends.

Arabian perfumes have long been enchanting the global market with their distinct fragrances that are synonymous with ancient heritage, tradition, and luxury.

But in the modern ultra-competitive retail environment, innovation and an awareness of consumer trends is key – that’s where leading name Rasasi Perfumes has truly pulled ahead from the rest. Rasasi has revolutionised fragrance retail by introducing completely new dynamics to the store experience with its latest flagship store in Dubai Mall. The store has been designed to change the way customers are able to experience fragrances. The Dubai Mall Rasasi store brings the best retail practices from around the world with the aim of giving the customers the highest levels of service.

The store features elements like immersive pods for experiencing new launches, and additional bespoke services like a gift station for personalized packaging and lot more. The store also houses an exclusive VIP lounge area which welcomes customers through booked appointments. The soft yet trendy colour palette of the store has been highly appreciated by customers. With 165 stores across the region, an enthralling store experience remains a major focus for the brand.

A true industry pioneer, Rasasi has gained a reputation for impressive product innovation, a strong focus on research and development. Extensive international collaborations with global fragrance houses, empowers the brand with international expertise, and the ability to anticipate and bring latest international trends to the Middle Eastern perfume enthusiasts.

The latest technological integration, stringent quality control across the entire supply chain along with a state-of-the-art production facility in Dubai ensures that each bottle that bears the brand name Rasasi is a hallmark of quality and sophistication-each bottle delivers a brand and product experience that is at par with the best. While being proud of its Middle Eastern roots, Rasasi also has a global vision and is aggressively expanding across regional and international markets.

Rasasi is loved by scent connoisseurs for its elegant style, sophistication, and genuine artistry. It offers the finest array of oriental and French perfumes that have been appreciated by regional royalty, the rich and the famous, and those who simply love the splendour and mystique of its gorgeous scents. Rasasi also offers wide selection of agarwood and dhanal oud products, from popular to rare and coveted varieties.

Rasasi continues to win hearts and by remaining committed to its core philosophy of creating high quality perfumes that celebrate, inspire, and bring happiness to its customers.