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PassTo, a prominent international remittance platform, was able to drive higher deposits and transfers, uplift engagement, and boost retention across the customer’s lifecycle while personalizing the experience with the help of MoEngage’s insights-led engagement platform.

Developing a better customer understanding is very important for the customer-driven money transfer app. That is where the search for an insights-led customer engagement platform began. The brand decided to choose MoEngage, primarily because of the user-friendly and intuitive interface, and the impressive analytics suite which enabled them to utilize rich customer data, convert it into actionable insights, and segment customers into different cohorts to run more engaging campaigns.

For an experience-led money transfer service, engaging with customers and building deeper trust is key. The team was able to identify a gap in the onboarding process that needed immediate resolution. The potential next-generation digital bank observed customers drop off after registering to the service and before completing the KYC process.

Leveraging MoEngage, PassTo worked on reducing this gap by sending push notifications and awareness email campaigns encouraging customers to complete the KYC process. Post KYC completion and approval, customers are able to deposit funds and transfer them to international destinations. MoEngage was instrumental in driving customers to take the next step and become transacting customers.

PassTo was also able to boost retention by identifying customers who didn’t make any transfers within a certain duration, and presenting them with customized incentives and offers, via push campaigns. By automating this process, PassTo not only saved on precious manpower but also activated dormant customers, driving repeat usage from them. MoEngage has also helped PassTo drive higher traffic by sending push campaigns to customer segments when the exchange rates are attractive, thus encouraging higher transaction volume.

We were able to achieve this by identifying and segmenting customers through MoEngage’s analytics dashboard and then running campaigns that inform them about our appealing exchange rates. Using MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform, we have also been able to drive higher transactions on special occasions like valentine’s day, mother’s day, and other national events happening worldwide. We further aim to leverage the deeper insights and utilize the advanced functionalities to drive higher conversions and more meaningful customer engagement’, says AbdelRahman El-Sergani, VP, PassTo.

For the final quarter of 2021, PassTo was able to attribute 22% of its transactions to MoEngage. Speaking of the collaboration, Sweta Duseja, Director Customer Success for Middle East and Africa at MoEngage, said, "It is a pleasure to be able to drive more than 20% of transactions for a brand like PassTo. The work they are doing will undoubtedly make remittances and money transfers easy, secure, seamless, affordable, and real-time, and we’re beyond honored to be a part of this journey. We look forward to helping PassTo with even deeper and more actionable customer insights, to drive higher engagement and boost retention."