Merint Drive
Merint Group's blood donation drive Image Credit: Supplied

The Merint Group, a Dubai based organisation, hosted a company-wide blood donation drive at its DIP headquarters. More than a hundred Merint team members willingly participated.

The first of many, Merint is committed to implementing socially and sustainably relevant governance throughout its organization. The Merint Group – led by its Chairman Fazal Manekia, started its operations over four decades ago in Dubai and since then has diversified into different verticals, with operations in several countries. The Group has set up Merint Determination Centre (MDC) in Dubai, offering affordable education system for people of Determination.

Manekia says: “In many countries, an average of only about 30-35% of the population is fit for donating blood, while the demand globally is about 85 million units for transfusion in a given year. Research suggests that, every unit of blood donated could save up to 3 lives. In the same context, our mission is surmised as ‘Bringing Smiles’ and it makes me tremendously happy that this contribution by almost a hundred blood donors of our Merint family, will bring smiles to many’’. Merint hopes that the blood drive will open the door for and encourage more organizations to take initiative to support humanity.

The pandemic that claimed almost 6.3million lives, has also caused a worldwide depletion of blood reserves, needed to save precious lives. Through this blood drive, Merint Group not only aims to contribute to the society, but also educate people about the importance of blood donation.