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From the UK to the UAE - Ryan Bish is ready to reopen Cream Group’s Cirque le Soir in the prestigious city of Dubai. Doors are set to open in June 2022. Here’s what to expect when the“King of London’s Nightlife” takes over the “City of Gold.”

Dubai’s after-hours

Nightlife in Dubai, the “Jewel City of Arabia,” is perpetually dominated by overwhelming opulence and shimmering lights, futuristic skyscrapers and the sweet scent of sandy desert.

With its hip rooftop bars, beachside clubs, and huge discos, this ultramodern metropolis has a lot to offer to both visitors and locals. Located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), precisely on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is amongst the 20 most expensive cities in the world - it also offers some of the best nights out in the world!

Dubai has become a popular weekend getaway for overworked businessmen and wealthy tourists. The city’s burgeoning tourism industry brings in roughly 20 million visitors annually. While the top-end clubs and bars are located in the hotel district, the whole city is packed with passionate extravaganza.

The urban centre of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) features a wide variety of magnificently glistening and ultra-modern bars and clubs. These establishments are in fierce competition with one another and frequently host evenings featuring the most famous international artists, performers, and DJs.

Money may not buy happiness, but in Dubai, it certainly gets close to it - enter the land of sunshine and excess.

Cirque Le Soir Dubai

The music and the atmosphere in Dubai's night clubs both contribute to creating unforgettable experiences. However, there aren't many places that can stand to compete with the wild and the wonderful nights at the Cirque le Soir - That’s right, the most notorious celebrity hot - nightspot of London’s Mayfair, is finally reborn in the Emirate’s city of “gilded sins.”

If Dubai is the Gateway to the Middle East then consider Cirque le Soir the Gateway to the land of dreams. The club, which first opened its doors in Dubai back in 2015, assures a one-of-a-kind nightlife and partying experience. Set to reopen on Friday the 17th of June, expect a night unlike anything you've ever lived before.

All the wildest and wicked fantasies come to life in Cirque. The place where snake charmers, contortionists, sword swallowers, and fire eaters all come together to captivate and delight crowds of excitement-seekers and A-list celebrities. Guests of Cirque Le Soir Dubai, part of Cream Group, are a wonderful and fine blend of both international, well-travelled visitors and locals, which have helped build and shape Dubai’s most iconic, wildest, and unforgettable club,

Ryan Bish, together with his creative team has managed to give life to a world of fantasies in the Emirate’s most prestigious location. A world in which you can mingle with celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Leonardo Di Caprio, where you can party like a beast through starry nights and have sumptuous times brimful with divine entertainment, mouthwatering delights, tantalising tipples and, sneaky shenanigans.

All of it is coming back on the 17th of June, so over never-endless nights of Dom Perignon and strobe lights, get ready to enjoy after-dark moments that can change your life and challenge your senses. Ryan Bish’s Cirque Le Soir Dubai is coming back to push the boundaries of entertainment.