Al Marai
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Living life to the fullest means making better choices for yourself and your family, while still enjoying exceptional taste. We understand that, which is why we carefully select the best from farms: nature’s jewels – fruits rich in nutrition and overflowing with delicious flavor. These curated ingredients are crafted with love and passion into our premium range of beverages called Farm’s Select.

Farm’s Select from Almarai is a deliciously all-natural juice that delivers exceptional taste and nutrition and indulgence guilt free. It is made from the best fruits selected from the best that farms have to offer.

Farm’s Select juices are deliciously crafted by nature and squeezed with no added sugar, water, preservatives, or flavors, basically 100% juices, nothing added. Our pomegranate juice has the finest of pomegranates squeezed from the bountiful orchards of sunny Southern Spain to grant you a rich and tantalizing fruit taste experience. In our pineapple juice, we handpick the sweetest of pineapples from the rainforests of Costa Rica, where rich volcanic soil meets tropical weather to create the perfect taste. Our beetroot-orange-apple juice captures all the goodness of beetroot blended with refreshing Valencia Oranges and sweet Apples to grant you an amazing Red Juice experience.

All our juices have a story to tell, each bottle bursting with delightful flavors and ripe with nutrition. Every sip holds the promise of goodness and delight, indulgence without guilt. After all, nothing is quite as good as nature’s abundant goodness.