Dr. Timothy Huhges, Jan Horn and Simon Bloom Image Credit: Supplied

To mark the UAE National Day, LEAMS Education has launched a visual arts competition aimed at rewarding budding artistic talents in the UAE, with prizes worth more than Dh50,000.

Under the theme “Heritage Meets Imagination & Innovation” - the visual arts competition is being hosted across their five schools in association with SAE Institute, a leading educator in creative media industries.

The unique competition is open to entries in various visual arts fields: painting, sculpture, videography, photography, drawing, ceramics and crafts.

Two major winners will receive scholarships worth Dh30,000 and Dh20,000, respectively towards a degree studies at SAE plus vouchers from Virgin Megastore. LEAMS Education has received more than 300 entries so far.

“We launched this competition to highlight the UAE’s strong heritage and also its future vision through art,” said Nabil Lahir, CEO of LEAMS Education. “We want to change students’ and parents’ mindset that the arts can be a lucrative career. This competition gives young artists a platform to encourage them to reach their creative potential,” added Lahir.

Jan Horn, Managing Director, SAE said, ''The UAE has always been a shining example of creativity and innovation. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the great nation, we are looking towards the youth to inspire us with creative and innovative ideas to move us forward towards the future.''

Simon Broom, Artist and Educator, SAE said, ''Creativity is a spark that starts from one mark on a piece of paper. 50 years ago designs and plans were created for the new UAE and look how wonderful and innovative it has become. Your ideas can be the spark of the future 50 years of the UAE.”

Dr. Timothy Hughes, Chief Academic Officer of LEAMS Education said, “There is no better way to celebrate the UAE's 50th National Day than through an inspiring collaboration between heritage and innovation. In this amazing country we all call home it is incredible to see how our culture has made us who we are and our ambition steers us to what we can become. In this excellent collaboration between LEAMS Education and SAE Institute, we wish the UAE a very happy 50th National Day.”

UAE is considered one of the world’s biggest destinations for arts and culture, with a burgeoning art scene. Art is a major part of the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, with more than 400 artists from more than 170 countries presenting their work in Dubai this month.