Blossom Nursery
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Whether it is a free decision or a requirement to return to work, it is important that it goes as smoothly as possible. So that both child and parents can fully enjoy this new family life.

After spending the first weeks or months of his life with one of his parents, your child will need time to adapt to his new environment. And for parents, entrusting the responsibility of your baby to someone else can be particularly difficult.

Many parents would agree that choosing a nursery for your child often comes sooner than you think. Here are five points to keep in mind when looking for the right solution for you and your child:

1. A positive environment

Early childhood is an essential stage of development. The first 5 years of a child’s life build the foundations of their future development and potential in adult life. Make sure to find a nursery that provides a secure and stimulating environment to your child. Children need to feel confident to develop their abilities.

2. A caring staff

A high-quality nursery hires experienced and qualified staff that provide care and support to children. Teachers must consider each child as unique, so he gets the opportunity to blossom in his school.

3. The school program (curriculum vitae)

Early childhood education builds the foundation for the cognitive and social development of future adults. A stimulating environment offers age-appropriate activities, such as singing, reading, dancing, free playing, etc. Children need to have fun and be happy to come every day so they can blossom at each step of their development.

4. The facilities

Check the nursery’s facilities: easy-to-reach locations, family-friendly areas, outdoor play areas or spacious gardens to develop motor skills. Be sure to book a tour of the center before any registration.

5. Accreditations and reviews

You can find out if the nursery has achieved any quality standards or awards, and if it is accredited by local or international associations. Another way to find out what a nursery is like is to read the reviews posted by parents.

There are many other issues that need your attention, such as food and nursery management. But we hope these tips will help you make the right choice.

We know how difficult it can be to find a nursery where your child will feel like a second home. Trust your intuition. You know best what is right for your child.