Folkart Dubai office opening was celebrated with an event that took place at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Hotel in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Folkart’s Dubai office precedes its offices which are to be opened in Berlin and Cologne, where the company has been working with partner companies in the German market.

Folkart Dubai office opening was celebrated with an event that took place at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira Hotel in Dubai. The evening was hosted by Folkart executives including Cem Mengi; Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saya Group, Mesut Sancak; Chairman of the Board of Folkart and Metin Sancak; General Manager of Folkart, who introduced the group companies and İzmir to investors from Dubai for business opportunities in Turkey.

The opening event was attended by esteemed investor groups from Dubai. Folkart Dubai’s partners Özgür Kaya, İdris Demirhan and Mohamed Julfar were also among the participants of the enjoyable evening.

Cem Mengi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saya Group, parent company of Folkart, emphasized the mutual advantages to be gained through cooperation between the UAE and Turkey. Highlighting Turkey's unique historical and cultural wealth, Mengi expressed optimism about the future of the Turkish economy and reminded that Turkey’s export volume exceeded $221 billion in the last 12 months. Mengi also introduced the Saya Group, whose roots date back to 1950 and introduced its pioneering subsidiaries Pharmactive Pharmaceuticals, Volt Electrics, Volt Technology and Volt Gearbox.

Environment-friendly, advanced technology

Mesut Sancak, Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed happiness for opening an office in Dubai, as a milestone for achieving global sales through Dubai and Europe. He underlined that ethics, sustainability and innovation awareness were at the foundations of the family firm and confirmed their determination to add value to their investors through constructing environmentally friendly, advanced technology universal buildings.

Izmir: Turkey’s ‘Gate to the West’

Mesut Sancak explained Izmir’s importance as Turkey's western gate, and underlined the city’s advance infrastructure comprising numerous ports, air and land transportation, 5 technoparks, 16 organized industrial zones and 3 free zones.

Metin Sancak, General Manager of Folkart, shared the details of Folkart’s 16 completed and 8 currently continuing projects in İzmir, whose total values exceed 25 billion Turkish Liras. Metin Sancak underlined that Folkart is ready for new collaborations and invited investors to Izmir, a beautiful city with a high investment potential.

Kaya International Chairman of the Board of Directors, Attorney Özgür Kaya said, “We share the common vision and excitement of being a global brand with Folkart. I hope that our cooperation with the prominent families of the Middle East will contribute to our country's economy."

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