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Nakhle Elhage, General Manager, blinx

Today marks the launch of blinx, the new digital media hub in the Middle East, empowering Middle Eastern youth with the finest in digital storytelling and news stories, offering fresh perspectives, and connecting Gen Z and Millennials across multiple screens, platforms, and smart devices.

More story, less noise: A vision for authentic storytelling

Ever since its brand-name announcement in March 2023, blinx has emerged as a vibrant hub in the realm of storytelling. Boasting a mission to deliver authentic and genuine narratives, the hub is committed to producing diverse, inclusive, and culturally relevant content that resonates with audiences, on a deeper level.

Nakhle Elhage, blinx General Manager, highlights: "We've made remarkable strides since our brand name announcement. The launch of blinx is not just about compelling content creation. It's a digital media powerhouse that promotes storytelling excellence in a myriad of genres like entertainment, infotainment, News, Trending, Investigatives, Business, Lifestyle, Sports, Self-Development, Climate Change, and more. Our Smart TV App also offers exclusive long-form content such as investigatives, talk shows, and live broadcasts.”

Unearthing talent, unleashing potential

One of the core commitments for blinx lies in nurturing and empowering emerging talent. Embracing a bold and diverse team, blinx currently employs nearly 150 young professionals hailing from across the MENA.

"Content creators and creative storytellers are on a mission to shift perspectives," Elhage declares. "Not only are they talented and bold, but they also embody the youth's energy, dynamism, and resourcefulness that is blinx."

Technological marvels and boundless innovation

In a relatively short period, the blinx headquarters in Dubai Media City has already doubled in size, unveiling an array of cutting-edge technology. Among these innovations are state-of-the-art Metaverse and extended reality studios, production facilities with VR capabilities, AI-enhanced tools, and advanced data analytics, among others.

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"Technology is designed to transport audiences beyond traditional storytelling, pushing the limits of innovation, news, information, data, and others," says Fadi Radi, blinx Chief Creative Officer. “Our featured stories cater to tech-savvy youth, offering a blend of entertainment and insightful inspiration. End-users can effortlessly swipe through stories, engaging with both content creators and peers.”

Prior to joining blinx, Radi led disruptive creative treatments of major global events, including the US presidential elections, for some of the leading US and Middle Eastern news networks.

Engaging audiences across multiple dimensions

At blinx, user experience takes centre stage, stretching across various screens, platforms, and devices to cater to Gen Z and Millennials, wherever they may be. The magic of gamification will gradually add an interactive and fun element to storytelling, keeping end-users captivated while creating an immersive content experience.

Keeping it real: blinx's commitment to authenticity

blinx pledges to keep its storytelling free from fake news, misinformation, and disinformation. The hub passionately champions noble causes close to the hearts of Gen Z and Millennials, empowering the creator economy, fostering entrepreneurship and private initiative throughout the MENA.

Sustainability and ethical practices: A pillar of strength

The blinx ecosystem operates on principles of sustainability and ethical business practices. By collaborating with business partners and suppliers who share their ethos, blinx ensures that every aspect of its operations aligns with its core values. Furthermore, with strategic initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint and active promotion of recycling, blinx remains true to its commitment to the environment and the community.

Scalability: A model for future expansion

The blinx business model is built on a solid foundation of scalability. By emphasising local talent development, culturally relevant content creation, and integrating advanced technology to drive innovation, blinx aims to continuously expand its product offerings and services – thus reaching wider audiences, areas of interest and revenue streams.

Opportunities for Arab Youth in entrepreneurship: the ASDA’A BCW Arab Youth Survey

For reference, the 15th annual ASDA’A BCW Arab Youth Survey, a comprehensive study spanning over 200 million young individuals in the MENA, shows significant potential for guiding Arab youth into entrepreneurship. Nearly half of these youth hope to establish their own businesses in the next five years. However, challenges persist. The MENA region records one of the highest global youth unemployment rates at over 26 per cent.

The World Bank reports that 32 per cent of youth aged 15-24 are jobless. To address this, the United Nations stresses the region's need to create 33.3 million jobs by 2030.

The blinx anticipated launch day

Today's official blinx launch promises to reshape the MENA's digital storytelling with a vibrant, youthful approach, encapsulating the motto: More Story. Less Noise.