The Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority says the new integrated audit platform will ensure compliance in preserving public funds. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADDA) is bringing together more than government departments in the emirate under one digital platform.

It has created its Internal Audit Platform for official audit and auditor data at various government entities in Abu Dhabi, and to define the organizational and operational guidelines of internal audit units. These are based on a set of rules including confidentiality of information, preparation of risk assessment, internal audit plans, and adoption of an internal audit strategies, among others.

The Authority aims to ensure compliance to preserving public funds and assets, and thus enhance the quality of government operations. “The platform will maintain a database of the entities’ internal audit units, contributing to raising the quality and efficiency of the relevant information on these entities with regards to their risk assessment results, monitoring the extent to which they adhere to the rules of auditing as issued by the Authority,” said an ADAA spokesperson.

The platform enables the internal audit units at the subject entities to input data and upload supporting documents. The Auditing and Monitoring Sector at ADAA then reviews the data and communicates with these units in case of any inquiries or clarifications and prepares the audit units’ database for the entities.