Bab Al Shams is on the Al Qudra Road, 45-minutes from the Dubai Airport Image Credit: Supplied

Nestled among the magnificent desert dunes, the low-lying Bab Al Shams resort is the world’s favourite choice for a dream desert getaway. This oasis of tranquility combines rustic charm with top-tier hospitality and luxury to bring to life an authentic desert experience.

Though isolated from the rest of Dubai, Bab Al Shams on the Al Qudra Road opposite the Endurance City, is easily accessible, and is a mere 45-minute drive from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports.

You can enjoy here a world of sumptuous cuisine, nature walks, camel rides and desert adventures. From temperature-controlled pools to archery ranges and falconry exhibitions, Bab Al Shams offers all the elements required to create memorable stays. Outside, the resort’s desert ecosystem hosts gazelles, birds, geckos and a cornucopia of wildlife.

So create special summer adventures with your family escapade to this enchanting desert hideaway. Cherish quality family time at Bab Al Shams Resort with complimentary stay for your kid, relax at infinity pool, and indulge into desert dining experience with a 20 per cent off and fun desert activities. Experience luxury amidst the perfect sand dunes now with 30 per cent off on your stay with promo code BSCHOOL.

Here’s what awaits you:

  • Authentic Middle Eastern room perfectly balanced with modern comfort, nestled among the dunes
  • Outstanding infinity pool overlooking the desert
  • Authentic luxury combined with exceptional dining options
  • Picnic Brunches
  • Rejuvenating spa
  • A wide range of desert activities paired with the rich ecosystem

For reservations, email or what’s up +971 56 525 4040. Prices start at Dh 455 per night