Swissquote Bank
Swissquote Bank's Middle East and Africa headquarters. Its new trading certificates allow investors to raise their exposure to entities developing COVID-19 treatments. Image Credit: Swissquote Bank

Dubai: Swissquote Bank is issuing a new trading certificate that enables investors to support companies in their fight against COVID-19. Available to investors in the GCC, Swissquote’s Pharma Opportunity Certificate allows clients to invest in a portfolio of leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies that are seeking solutions to put an end to the pandemic.

The certificate allows for diversification of investments and is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange with flat transaction costs for Swisssquote MEA clients.

“While most of us feel powerless in the face of all these events, our clients now have the opportunity to support the fight against the Coronavirus by investing in companies that are researching the solutions for it,” said Dino Ibric, Vice Director at Swissquote MEA.

There has been an unprecedented eruption of global pharmaceutical research and development related to COVID-19. More than 330 clinical studies and 80 vaccine candidates are currently under review.