The “Matari” Sharjah Airport Excellence Award Image Credit: Supplied

The Sharjah Airport Authority organized a live broadcast for the first ceremony honoring its employees who won the “Matari” Sharjah Airport Excellence Award. The initiative was launched by the Authority to highlight the talents of employees, and to enhance the culture of excellence and institutional leadership.

The virtual ceremony was held in the presence of His Excellency Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of the Sharjah Airport Authority, and His Excellency Sheikh Faisal bin Saoud Al Qasimi, Director of the Sharjah Airport Authority, as well as directors of departments and nominees for the award categories. A total of 10 winners were awarded from various departments within the Authority, with the ceremony transmitted through a direct link to all employees.

His Excellency Ali Salim Al Midfa said “This award represents the work environment at Sharjah Airport Authority, which encourages creativity and innovation, and has become a model for institutional leadership in various fields. The Authority’s adoption of a comprehensive system of excellence places its main focus on providing happiness to employees, and achieving the highest standard of services for customers and travellers. Sharjah Airport Authority works to support talents and empower employees, as part of our mission to become a global role model in the industry”

The inaugural award ceremony was based on the highest international standards of excellence and best practices in the field. The award categories included all departments within Sharjah Airport Authority and their employees, and included the Distinguished Management category won by the Finance Department, and the Distinguished Service category won by the Visa Service Department. Additionally, 8 job category awards were presented.

Sara Mohammed Al Midfa, the winner of the Best Leader Award said: “Winning the Matari Prize is a responsibility we are very proud of. We work hard to continually harness the spirit of cooperation, to achieve a common goal represented in the vision and strategy of Sharjah Airport Authority”.

In turn, Marwa Yousef Al Ali, winner of the Excellence Management Award said: “Excellence and encouragement of initiatives and innovation is the approach upon which the Sharjah Airport Authority is based, and it is a daily practice within a stimulating work environment that enables employees to reach their full capabilities.”

Sharjah Airport Authority launched the Sharjah Airport Excellence Awards during the annual ceremony organized by the authority in March of last year 2020, to support and empower all of the authority's employees to achieve the highest international standards, in order to achieve excellence and institutional leadership, based on 5 basic values: transparency, empowerment, professionalism, integrity and leadership.