Pass on all possible information for moms-to-be. That’s what the Mumz Academy is from as the retailer expands its reach. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: After giving them a shopping site, Mumzworld is now offering mothers a learning platform. The Mumz Academy, which launched March 24, will see a live Instagram takeover of the Mumzworld Instagram pages by experts who will shed light on parenting and other tips to empower moms-to-be.

“When a mother is on a continuous journey of learning she is enriched with tools, information, and resources to make informed decisions,” said Mona Ataya, Founder and CEO of Mumzworld. “A mother who learns every day is an empowered mother.”


The free learning platform will connect and engage through seminars, training sessions, panels, talks, community and learning events. These sessions will enlist paediatricians to psychologists and nutritionists.

“We aim to create the largest community of mothers where they feel like they are part of not just a transactional, but an experiential website,” said Ataya.