EFG Hermes
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EFG Hermes, the leading financial services corporation in Frontier Emerging Markets (FEM), kicked off its 4th Virtual Investor Conference on Monday. The conference, which runs from 13 September to 21 September 2021 on a digital platform operated by EFG Hermes, is headlined “After Reflation – FEMs in 2022”. Participants include executives from 215 companies representing 35 countries as well as over 720 investors from over 260 institutions — all of whom will today exchange insights on the path forward for FEMs and the global context in the year ahead.

Mohamed Ebeid, Co-CEO of the Investment Bank at EFG Hermes

Mohamed Ebeid, Co-CEO of the Investment Bank at EFG Hermes, said, “As we make our way toward recovery, investors in FEM markets are looking at both global developments and local growth stories. Frontier market and MENA aggregates have outperformed emerging market indices in 2021 thanks to a combination of rising retail activity and strong foreign flows into MENA markets. As we kick off the conference today, we hope to provide a forum where the largest and most diverse group of investors and executives from companies in compelling FEM markets can come together to share key insights that will allow both to secure investment opportunities.”

EFG Hermes has for decades organized flagship investor conferences focusing on MENA markets and has, more recently, embarked on the same for the FEM space. It hosted the first virtual investor conference of its kind to global acclaim in June 2020, shifting its flagship One-on-One conference to a virtual model in light of circumstances imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3rd Virtual Investor Conference facilitated more than 12,000 meetings between international investors and senior management from 197 companies across 28 countries, with 700 institutional investors representing 253 financial institutions managing assets in excess of $ 898 billion.

“As we come to the end of yet another challenging year, we’re optimistic on what the recovery story looks like for FEMs as we approach 2022. Today, investors are looking into what the future is for inflation in FEM economies and the US; the potential for a commodity super-cycle; and persistently high debt burdens — issues we anticipate will be addressed in full during the conference,” added Ebeid.