Hira Industries
Good to float... From construction and building materials Hira Industries has ventured forth into newer territories. Image Credit: Supplied

Hira industries, which cuts its teeth in the construction sector, has launched a new product line – 'AeroFun' that specializes in durable and lightweight fitness and leisure aqua and outdoor products. These are meant to provide  fun and safe options for individuals to work out or take to water.

These consist of consists of water mats, rubber dumbbells and yoga mats. Umesh Unni, General Manager, said the introduction was the result of a growing demand for aqua and outdoor sports. “We saw an area of our business that had room to grow and decided to launch this new range of products," he said.

"While this is the first time we have ventured in this new line of business, we are excited to introduce a never-before-seen water training technology that is perfect for fitness routines, to boost holistic health.”

Water training offers massive benefits for form, function and fitness. Aquatic exercise is recommended for boosting circulation, reducing stress and pressure on bones and joints, reducing recovery between workouts, and much more.