Gems Minecraft
(Starting from the right) Haissam Issa (CTS), Swasaanth Selvan and Kailas Subeesh (GEMS Our Own English High School (Boys) – Sharjah), Nuzhat Mahdiyat (The Westminster School – Dubai), Keira Das (GEMS Winchester School – Dubai), Sara El Dallal (Microsoft), Mireille Khawand (CTS) Image Credit: Supplied

On the 19th of June 2021, Creative Technology Solutions (CTS) and Microsoft hosted an award-winning ceremony, celebrating the creative and impactful work of GEMS Education students in Minecraft, and recognizing 4 of its best achievers.

Minecraft: Education Edition competition project was initiated by Microsoft and executed by CTS as a partner, whereby students at GEMS schools, which runs over 40 schools cross the UAE, can use Minecraft to design their own sustainable home, as an act of raising awareness among the students and teachers on the interactivity and the independence in learning students can accomplish.

The competition was launched a week before Ramadan 2021, reaping a considerable enthusiasm of the schools’ senior management leaders, teachers and especially students. GEMS Education is one of the world’s largest K-12 private education providers with a 62-year legacy after launching in the UAE.

The competition witnessed more than 750 student participants, designing efficient homes respecting resources, optimizing energy and water use, applying low impact yet high in performance materials.

Students submitted their artwork within a 5 week-time, and 4 winners were selected by an experienced jury.

The award-winning ceremony took place at Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers Hotel.

Creative technology solutions, represented by its Director Haissam Issa, opened the ceremony with a cheer to the champions on their achievements and well-deserved award, followed by Microsoft, represented by its Education Marketing Manager Sara El Dallal, with a speech highlighting the facts behind initiating this competition amongst them to induce the creative challenging mindset the new generation carries.

The winners, first place Nuzhat Mahdiyat (The Westminster School – Dubai), second place Keira Das (GEMS Winchester School – Dubai), and the third place Swasaanth Selvan and Kailas Subeesh (GEMS Our Own English High School (Boys) – Sharjah) were awarded in the presence of their families and their respective school representatives, CEO and Principal of The Westminster School – Dubai, Mr. Carl Roberts, and The Digital Lead at GEMS Winchester School – Dubai, Mrs. Firshana Bangalaveedu.

The ceremony was followed by a lunch when everyone exchanged exceptional ideas on prospect competitions.

This event marked the significant influence Minecraft: Education Edition pioneered by Microsoft, this immersive game-based learning platform that drives creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving, has proven its competence amongst the fresh innovative concepts our children can elaborate.