Cash and cards
With its updated platform, provides for hassle-free donations. Image Credit: Stock image

Dubai: The community-minded portal has re-launched an updated ‘click-to-help’ platform enabling the donation without cash or credit card or even a registration. This service was originally launched in 2017.

“Rather than competing with existing donor systems, our work consists of adding new channels and creating opportunities as to provide new funds and new opportunities for the common good,” said Alexander A. Nehme, CEO of

The plarform offers community information, expertise and new opportunities to connect, collaborate, and campaign. “With due guidance from our advisory board, we work hard to ensure the promise of our vision is delivered, every day.” Nehme added.

Its NGO portal provides a wealth of updated and relevant information and services for civil society in the region. As of now 3,832 organizations in 22 Arab countries are classified across categories.