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Dubai: The updated 2021 models have arrived in dealerships, and the used car market value transition has started. With that,, the UAE's first accredited used car online portal which handles hundreds of customer’s buy and sell requests each month, reveals the most common used car makes and models in Dubai!

Japanese manufacturers continue to dominate the used car market, with Toyota and Nissan vying for first position with 11% market share each. Toyota's champion is the Land Cruiser, which, when combined with the Prado, accounts for 30% of all Toyotas, highlighting Toyota's SUV dominance in the UAE. Toyota Corolla, Yaris, and Camry follow with a combined 10% market share. Nissan exhibits similar phenomena, with their signature SUV, the Nissan Patrol, accounting for a staggering 36% of all used Nissans on the market. Given its significantly higher price point in comparison to mass Sedans, this means that while Toyota dominates the volume game, Nissan dominates the value game.

German engineering isn't far behind, with used BMW and Mercedes occupying the third and fourth positions, respectively (8% market share of BMW and 10% market share of Mercedes). The mighty BMW 7 series is now the BMW's top model, while Mercedes followed with the sports edition, the S-class. An intriguing reversal of SUV vs. Sedan domination, close to Nissan vs. Toyota. One has to ask who is on top of the value vs. volume game. Finally, due to its ferocious Mustang, American Ford held the final spot in the top five with a 6 percent share, led by Land Rover (5%), Lexus 4.5%, and Chevrolet (4%)., founded in early 2016, unveiled its groundbreaking technology platform to fully rewrite the time-consuming method to buy and sell any used cars. The platform provides buyers and sellers with cheaper pricing through direct seller-to-buyer transactions, as well as total clarity and peace of mind with a 200-point inspection and unconditional warranty on any vehicle. Additionally, CarSwitch provides you with several features to boost your ad FOR FREE and guides you on pricing so you can sell your used car as quickly as possible. It also provides a fully stress-free environment by handling every phase of the operation. Buyers pay less, sellers get more, and no party has to do much job!

In comparison to any other nation in the Middle East, in the United Arab Emirates Nissan does better. Nissan hit a peak share of 21.0 percent in 2018, but fell down to a more usual number of 11 percent in 2021.

Toyota has already been the industry leader in the Gulf countries. However, a current trend shows Toyota losing market share to a slew of new rivals. Toyota's market share has fallen over the past decade, from a high of 35.1 percent in 2015 to a low of 10 percent in 2021. In third place the premium brand BMW, over the traditional rivalry, BMW in the UAE has a considerable gap. The best-selling premium brand world-wide is Mercedes.

According to the United Arab Emirates Automotive Industry report, competition is increasing year on year due to the launch of new products and brand availability.