The CAFU top up... Its partnership with ekar will ensure that the self-drive fleet operator's vehicles will have instant access to fuel. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: CAFU, the on-demand auto services provider, will automate the fuelling process for ekar, the self-drive fleet operator.

This follows a deal between the two, by which ekar’s entire fleet will always be full or at least above 25 per cent of fuel consumption, sparing drivers a long wait in refuelling queues at petrol stations.

CAFU will send an automatic refuelling ‘push’ via ekar’s Mobility OS during the low-usage period. Vehicles with 25 per cent or less fuel in the tank are flagged, which then leads to an automated order generation. Once refuelled and marked completed by a CAFU pilot, ekar’s Mobility OS instantly reflects the new fuel level within the App for users to see ahead of their next booking.

“This disruptive approach works towards our long-term vision of always using the collective power of intelligence – both human and machine – to create a better world through connected mobility,” Rashid Al Ghurair, CEO of CAFU.