Anis Sajan is the Managing Director of Danube Image Credit: Supplied

Winter is just around the corner in this part of the world, and it is no surprise that it brings along its own side effects. A nice warm shower is all one needs to beat these winter blues!

Danube Milano has a wide range of water heaters in terms of sizes in both vertical and horizontal installation types starting from 10 liters up to 100 liters. All our products have a 5-star rating for energy consumption and are certified by Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology. They are priced below standard market prices and come along with seven-year unconditional replacement guarantee and two-year guarantee on the thermostatic element. Aggressive prices are simply a value for money call. The company has ensured zero compromise on the quality of the products and spare parts.

Focus on quality

In fact all the elements used in the heater are of the highest quality. The thermostatic element, made of 316L stainless steel, is Glass Lined enamel coated to guarantee a longer life span to the element, which is the highest grade of steel used. Another added feature is the Dry Block Technology, which allows contractors to test the feasibility of the products without water supply ensuring the element life doesn’t get affected by the tests. The magnesium anode beside the element is 27 per cent larger than the standard used and guarantees a longer resistance of the glass lined inner tank which allows our water heaters to carry longer warranty for the tank. A special PU foam is used as a second layer along to increase the insulation quality of the vessel.

Adding to the value for money, these features allow our consumers to save more energy compared to other water heaters available in the market. All our heaters can store full capacity and our element heats faster than the copper element normally used resulting in higher eco-friendly performance. The top quality insulation also ensures that the water stays hot for a longer duration of time and saves a significant amount of energy. In essence, our water heaters heat up more volume of water consuming less energy and they store hot water for longer saving up to 15% compared to any other product in the market.

In the last three years, Milano has captured 50 per cent of the water heater market. Anis Sajan, MD, Danube Group says, “When I started the water heater division I knew we would do well though it would take a while but we have achieved this feat only because we have made sure that we don’t compromise on the quality and safety. At the same time we have ensured that our dealers also benefited mutually.” Milano’s water heaters are a perfect combination of these qualities - Energy Saving, Eco-friendly, Durability and Affordability.