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Please share a brief of your brand and why you decided to set up base in the UAE?

The brand Bikanervala is well known among all Indian and vegetarian food lovers for over a century now. We originated from Bikaner City, in the royal state of Rajasthan, India, and then paved our journey to cities all over India, and abroad as well. We serve our customers with an umbrella range of Indian sweets and vegetarian Indian cuisines. Our strength and focus lies in the traditional taste that we have been serving for years. While establishing in the UAE our vision was to bring the authentic Indian flavour to global audiences.

Please share a special message to the Nation as it celebrates the 50th year of its founding during the National Day celebrations this December 2nd.

Bikanervala is here in the UAE over the last two decades now, and the journey from day one has been full of beautiful experiences. The people here have shared their immense love and for this we are grateful. On the occasion of UAE National Day we wish the whole nation prosperity, happiness, and a wonderful future. We feel proud to be part of this beautiful country.

In your capacity as the head of the brand, how has your firm contributed towards the sector, and the growth of the UAE.

Our operations in the UAE are conducted in Dubai through our central production facility , which serves our 14 outlets, and retail markets. Through our brand we have generated employment at various folds over the decades, as well as contributed in customer choice. We are sourcing raw materials as well from the local suppliers. Thus, we have invested in the local economy.

What are the challenges you foresee for your brand going forward?

The UAE has always been a land of opportunity and over the years various new setups have entered the market, offering consumers more choices. Consumers are also more focused these days on options such as vegan, allergen-free food etc. The good news is that Bikanervala has a robust R&D centre that allows the brand to predict and stay abreast of market needs, allowing space for significant developments within Bikanervala and that are industry game changers as well.

How are events such as Expo 2020 helping your brand make an impact on regional and global markets?

Events like Expo 2020 are a great opportunity for the global economy as well as each business house. The platform has given participating brands an opportunity to showcase their presence to a global audience. In any business, networking is the key to growth, along with the right strategy and efforts, and an event like Expo 2020 is the global web of networking. Currently we are exploring the opportunity and conversations are in line for the same.

In keeping with its remarkable achievements over the last five decades, how do you visualise the progress of the UAE over the next 50 years, and what is your personal message to the UAE entrepreneurial community?

For the UAE it’s said that the country has something new every day and it is true in every sense. Since the past 50 years the whole outlook of the country in terms of economic, social, technological, geographical, infrastructural and every possible sphere has grown exponentially. The country has created a benchmark that inspires the world, made possible thanks to the nation’s radical entrepreneurial community. As a part of this community I always wish us all luck, and reinstate the fact that only right decisions taken at the right time can help us stay a step ahead. Together we can make a change by helping our community and by being there for each other. Right decisions require making a correct analysis of what the world wants and how we can possibly offer them the same in the best possible manner.