Abu Dhabi: The UAE has implemented all UN Security Council resolutions against Iran, which includes freezing of some bank accounts, a senior UAE Central Bank official said Monday.

"All UN resolutions against Iran have been implemented. They were implemented by the Central Bank of the UAE and circulated to the banking system," Abdul Rahim Mohamad Al Awadi, Executive Director and Head of Anti-Money Laundering and Suspicious Cases Unit (AMLSCU) of the UAE told reporters here.

In June, according to media reports, the UAE's Central Bank told financial institutions in the country to freeze any accounts belonging to dozens of firms targeted by the new UN sanctions on Iran.

The Central Bank order listed 40 entities and one individual named in the June 9 UN resolution, which expanded a UN blacklist of firms whose assets worldwide are to be frozen for assisting Iran's nuclear or missile programmes.

The latest UN resolution calls for measures against new Iranian banks abroad if a connection to the nuclear or missile programmes is suspected, as well as vigilance over transactions with any Iranian bank, including the central bank.

It blacklists three firms controlled by Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines and 15 belonging to the Revolutionary Guards, and also calls for establishing a cargo inspection regime.

Separately, yesterday, Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) were signed between AMLSCU of the UAE and the Dubai Multi Commodities Exchange and Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange.

"The Memoranda of Understanding included mutual cooperation in different areas that are of interest to both parties, regarding fin-ancial information related to money laundering, and terrorism financing in order to support, enhance and strengthen policies of combating money laundering and terrorism financing," the UAE Central Bank said.

This, the Central Bank said "demonstrates the commitment of AMLSCU to enhance cooperation with its domestic strategic partners to coordinate the efforts on encountering money laundering, and combating terrorist financing and related crimes."

"We have signed in all, 35 such MoUs. These include the ones signed with other Financial Intelligence Units," said Al Awadi.