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Dubai: Emirates and flydubai will be distributing special food boxes to their passengers at iftar time this Ramadan.

Travellers flying with Emirates will get iftar meals, while those who book a flight with flydubai will get the usual staples to help break the fast.

The fasting month begins on May 17.

According to Emirates, its iftar boxes will include couscous salad and grilled chicken or mourdardara and roasted chicken, sandwiches, spinach fatayer or tomato and onion fatayer, assorted sweets, dates, laban and water.

These will be distributed to flyers across all cabin classes on select Emirates flights that coincide with iftar times, and those who are fasting will be given priority. They will be available to those travelling to and from the Gulf region, as well as Umrah groups heading to Jeddah and Medina during the month of Ramadan.

Emirates passengers will also receive date boxes and water while still at the boarding gate in Dubai International Airport. This will help customers break their fast prior to flying.

At flydubai, a spokesperson said its iftar boxes for economy class passengers include dates and water, to break the fast. Passengers can also purchase a variety of snacks and refreshments on board or pre-order a meal on selected flights.

Business class passengers will get a choice of plain and filled dates, laban and water for their iftar. They can also choose meals from an internationally inspired menu.

Another Middle East carrier, Qatar Airways, is also serving special iftar meal boxes on some of its flights throughout the holy month.