Dubai: Emirates is changing its in-flight menu for a week, as a special treat to passengers who make up a large part of the aviation market. 

The airline announced on Thursday that it will be serving up special delicacies to flyers aboard Dubai-India flights to celebrate Diwali.

“The special treats will be available for customers across all classes during the week of Diwali celebrations, from 16th- 22nd October, 2017, on all on flights to India from Dubai,” the airline said in a statement.

Diwali is celebrated by millions of Indians who make up one of the biggest travel markets in the world.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) had earlier forecast that India could overtake the UK to become the third largest market with 278 million passengers in 2025. By 2035, the Indian market is forecast to expand to 442 million passengers.

And as thousands of Indians from the UAE alone are expected to go home for the holidays, Emirates will be serving Motichoor Ladoos, traditionally prepared using chickpea flour, ghee, cardamom and saffron flavoured sugar syrup.

The airline’s cabin crew will be serving the sweets in decorated boxes with special artwork and garnished with pistachio and silver leaf embellishment, representing the traditional decoration of Diwali.

Flyers in Business and First Class seats will get to enjoy the Labdoos together with a dry fruit burfi treat - a sweet made with cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, raisins, dried figs and dates.

The airline changes its menus monthly and serves seasonal food during other special occasions such as Christmas. During Ramadan, special meal boxes are also distributed.