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Paint blindfolded and let go of your worries

Dubai art hub claims the simple act can help you overcome challenges

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Freedom of expression. Creativa's entrepreneur Sana flanked by two workshop participants and their paintings.


An art hub in Dubai has been hosting blindfolded painting sessions to help residents overcome life’s challenges and explore their hidden creativity.

Non-dominant hand

Rekha Sunil, founder of the Business Bay-based Creativa Art Centre, which held its last session on Saturday, said, “The aim is to help people let go of their emotions through non-dominant, blindfolded and experimental painting with music in the backdrop. By immersing oneself in an abstract painterly process, one begins to create something from within, a unique and secretive visual which is stunning in its complexity, without being explicit. We tell our participants to just leave their worries behind...let their guard down and enjoy creative exploration. It is great fun and they have to trust themselves.”

Sunil said blindfolded painting helps people understand their problems and face them. “People are curious to know how it feels to paint blindfolded and with the non-dominant hand. Our workshop allows participants to draw freely without fear or any expectations regarding the final result. When they finish, we ask them to see their drawing and try to explain it to us. Through this, they express their unspoken problems. It teaches them how to strengthen their other senses when the primary sense such as vision is missing. They learn how to accept life’s challenges and adapt to change.”

She said the blindfolded painting workshops are conducted by Sana, a “spiritual entrepreneur” who holds a PhD in Metaphysics and a diploma in fine arts with a specialisation in art therapy.

A typical blindfold painting session, which has 10-15 participants, last three hours. “The technique is completed in three phases, which will eventually help unleash the learning on how to let go, how to free oneself from emotions and indulge in a process of painting and immerse in a new world of colours, love, intuition and enlightenment.”

The next session will be held on the first Saturday of October from 6 to 9pm.

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