A love for the wild runs in this family. Robert Irwin, the son of wildlife advocate Steve Irwin, has posted a photo of himself with a crocodile on social media, and it has gone viral. Particularly because the reptile, named Murray, was fed by his father as well - 15 years ago.

The late Steve Irwin was known for his showmanship on his TV show 'Crocodile Hunter', which incidently gave him his moniker.

Steve passed away in 2006 after an encounter with a stingray while filming for a new show off the coast of Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia.

At the time, Robert was three years old.

Twitter and Instagram users responded to the new photo with warmth.

Using the handle @JordanSweeto, one posted: "I hope you keep doing what makes you happiest man. Your whole family is and has always been a huge positive influence on me and many others around the globe. Keep your passion alive! :)"

Another applauded his efforts to follow in his father's footsteps.

And another user, @WapniarskiSara,  dug out an old photo of herself with a croc that had been on Steve's show.

On Instagram, the photo seemed to baffle one user, who said: The real question is why hasn’t your family gotten a major wildlife conservationist biopic? That’d be awesome plus raise awareness and money towards conservation.