'Jenny' (Podul) has re-intensified
“Jenny” (Podul) is seen barreling towards China and Vietnam Image Credit: RAMBB

Hong Kong: After sweeping through the northern Philippines, Podul is now barreling towards China and Vietnam, and it regained strength and hit land later this week.

The storm pushed across eastern Luzon on Tuesday. While just off the western coast of northern Luzon Tuesday night, it weakened briefly to a tropical depression.

But it has since regained "tropical storm" status since emerging in the South China Sea.

The Japan Meteorological Agency named the tropical cyclone "Podul". This will also be the name used in other countries across eastern Asia.

Classes were suspended on Tuesday in many parts of the Philippines, where it was codenamed "Jenny".

On Wednesday, concerns are shifting to locations from northern Vietnam to southeastern China for possible impact from Podul late this week and towards the weekend.

Meanwhile, a second tropical system is expected to develop in the Philippine Sea later this week.

It is expected to rip through northern Philippines this weekend, bringing another potential round of flooding.

The Philippines is "the most exposed country in the world to tropical storms" according to Time. In the Philippine languages, tropical cyclones are generally called "bagyo".