211103 Man
The man waves from the billboard. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Riyadh Civil Defence is no stranger to rescuing people from precarious positions, but a request on Tuesday to pluck a man from a traffic billboard may be a first.

The firefighters rushed to the scene on Tuesday, where a trapped man was throwing things to get the attention of passers-by because he was stuck.

The firefighters used a ladder on one of its trucks as a makeshift crane to lift the man from the billboard. The man was strapped into a metal litter and lowered to the ground.

The man was in good health, the Riyadh Civil Defence said on its Twitter account.

Saudi firefighters have rescued people and animals from trees, bridges and rooftops among others. Billboards can now be added to that list.

It was not immediately known why the man scaled the structure.

A social media user suggested he may have been checking his route.